The Ausable Club

We recommend staying at The Ausable Club both Friday and Saturday night for convenience to the wedding and activities available on the property. Both single bedrooms and group house rentals are available for the same rate, ~$130/night per person (this comes with breakfast, packed lunch and an activity pass for golf, canoe rental, tennis, etc.). Single rooms are in the main club building 2nd & 3rd floor. Houses are located on property, walking distance to the club building (less than a mile), and range in number of rooms, have a full kitchen.

The Ausable Club does not accept credit card, they will bill you at the end of your stay and can then accept payment by debit card, check or cash. Therefore, the booking will be done through Brooke & Jay per the below - no need to call the club directly. Again, no need to call the club directly!

To request your room at the Ausable Club, please email with your names (number of guests), arrival/departure dates and if you are interested in a house rental (on property). 

Complimentary Activity Pass

Complimentary Activity Pass

By staying at the Ausable Club for the weekend (both Friday and Saturday night), you will also receive free breakfast on Saturday & Sunday, bagged lunches, and an activity pass.

The activity pass is good for a round of golf, tennis court reservations, canoe rental on the Lower Lake, or lawn bowling. Frat.  You can purchase additional activities if you have time for more than one!

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Off-site Accommodations

Bed & Breakfasts

If housing at the Ausable Club fills up or if you would prefer to stay at a bed & breakfast in town, there are several wonderful options. If you wish to do so, please book these on your own and notify us accordingly so that we know you are taken care of!

Trails End Inn

Snow Goose

Keene Valley Lodge

Roostercomb Inn

Dartbrook Lodge

Bark Eater Inn